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Control your heat pump or air conditioner from anywhere with your smartphone

FAQs 5G and 2.4G Networks

The Pebble works on the 2.4g network only. To blink-up your Pebble join your phone to the 2.4G network blink-up your pebble, once successfully blinked-up you can now join your phone back on the 5G network.

FAQs Do the timers automatically adjust for day-light saving?

No day-light saving is not set automatically, please open each timer used and push the save button this will update the timers on the cloud server.

FAQs How does the timer work?

Whatever the App is set to when the timer is set and SAVED is what the HVAC system setting will be when it turns on. For example if you set the App to Cool Mode, Temp=18 and Fan Speed low then set and SAVE a timer then when this timer comes on the HVAC will turn on to the above settings. You could have different settings for every timer if required. Just set the App then set and SAVE a timer.

FAQs How do you pay the subscription after the 3 years is up?

When the licence has 30 days or less you will get a message-box prompting you to purchase a new licence, to purchase: Click on Settings, Click on Manage Pebbles, Click on your Pebble (name), You will now see a button called " Buy Licence " click on the button and follow the instructions. You can purchase either 1 or 3 years.

Can more than one person have the Pebble Air app?

Yes the app can be loaded on as many Smartphones as you want, just share the app using the share button in “Settings” menu.

Does the Pebble Air app allow you to control multiple units?

Yes the PebbleAir app allows for as many pebbles as wanted to be connected, and allows for each to be named. e.g Lounge, House, Office, etc.

Can the Pebble Wi-Fi Controller control more than one Heat-Pump / Air-Con?

Yes, if the Heat-Pump / Air-Con are the same make and model and the Pebble Wi-Fi Controller’s IR Led’s have line of sight to the Heat-Pump / Air-Con or you can purchase the extension IR cable (available in most lengths) which puugs into the back of the pebble and allows for the IR to be extended. Please note the IR code that comes out of the front also comes out the back.

I can’t find my Heat-Pump / Air-Con model in the app.

The model refers to the model of the REMOTE CONTROL that came with your Heat-Pump / Air-Con NOT the actual Heat-Pump / Air-Con.

If I replace my Heat-Pump / Air-Con with another make or model will my Pebble Wi-Fi Controller work.

Maybe. Check in you Pebble Air app that the make and REMOTE model is available in the “Setting” - “Select Remote” menu.

Does the unit work with "N" spec Wi-Fi?

Yes, the pebble supports 802.11n (2.4GHz).

Does the unit work with "AC" Wi-Fi?

AC Wi-Fi is in the 5GHz band. This is not supported by the pebble, but all AC routers also support 2.4GHz 802.11n too.

Is there a way for it to be connected to my "Hidden Wi-Fi"?

Yes, you can type in the Wi-Fi name as the “Network” field allows for data entry and the Pebble also supports WPS.

What is the 3 year license?

The Pebble is cloud based, the phone/pebble connections and all timers are stored on this cloud based server, it also allows for multi users and covers the UL certified cyber security. The license also covers all up-dates and up-grades. The pebble is supplied with a 3 year license and has a small cost of approx $5US per year after that.


BlinkUp Troubleshooting Tips When I BlinkUp™ the LED just flashes Orange.

The BlinkUp™ process was unsuccessful.

If you are using an Android phone try turning the Auto Brightness OFF, turn brightness to 100% and place either 1,2 or 3 peices of tissue paper between the pebble and the screen just before Blink-Up to defuse the light.

When I BlinkUp™ the LED just flashes Red.

You have either chosen a Wi-Fi network that is either turned Off or not available or the password is wrong, try again (Tip: try ticking “Show Password”) or could be the security, the pebble does not support 802.1x enterprise security.

When I BlinkUp™ the App shows “Timed Out”.

The BlinkUp™ process was unsuccessful, for either of the above reasons.

After blinkup you get the following message. Unable to resolve host “”: No address associated with hostname.

There is a issue with internet connectivity, check your internet connection.

The Heat-Pump / Air-Con was turned on with the remote supplied but the app still show Off.

There is NO feedback from the Heat-Pump / Air-Con to the Pebble Wi-Fi Controller so if you use the supplied remote the App has no idea that it has changed, we suggest you Do Not use the supplied remote (remove battery’s and store) but just use the Pebble Air app.

No matter what I do I can’t BlinkUp™ (using correct password double checked).

Your router may be blocking the connection please check port 31314 is OPEN on the router.

I'm stuck at ‘Searching for WiFi network’?

Check that your network name (SSID) is entered correctly. Note that the imp will only join 2.4GHz WiFi networks, not 5GHz ones.

I'm stuck at ‘Joining WiFi network’?

Check that your network password has been entered correctly.

I'm stuck at ‘Getting IP address’?

Ensure that DHCP is active on your router and has sufficient IP addresses for all of your devices, including the imp. Also check that ‘MAC address filtering’ isn’t enabled or if it is, that it isn’t denying the imp access to the network.

I'm stuck at ‘Resolving server name’?

Check the DNS settings on your router. Some early imps may be confused by the ‘DNS Relay’ mode on some routers – try disabling this mode.

Also check on your router that the MAC address whitelisting enabled is OFF.

I'm stuck at ‘Connecting to server’?

Check the firewall settings on your router. The imp needs to make a TCP connection to port 31314; ensure this is not blocked. Only TCP 31314 needs to be open; UDP 31314 can remain closed.

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